April McGreger: Sweet Potato Pone

Sweet potato pone is a southern favorite that can be served any time of the day. Enjoy April McGreger’s delicious recipe for a historical dish while celebrating National Sweet Potato Month this February and all year long!

Thanksgiving Excerpt from “The Happy Table of Eugene Walter”

Now I’ll have certain cooks shouting, “Heresy!” Most really great cooks do not put any stuffing in the bird IF they plan to utilize the remains in the next days for the great stews, gumbos, salads, etc., that are based on the carcass. IF your family is going to finish off the bird the first day, by all means stuff. But, Oh, Heavens, scraping out the nasty bits of stuffing if you want to use the carcass is a problem.

Video: Sandra Gutierrez reveals the secrets to great biscuits

In this video produced by the Miami Culinary Institute, Sandra Gutierrez gives some secrets to great biscuits as she prepares her buttermilk and pork rind biscuits.

Sheri Castle: Ozark Pudding

A comfort food dessert that makes use of fall’s harvest of apples. Recipe from The New Southern Garden Cookbook, by Sheri Castle.

Roasted Roma Tart

A great way to use those summer tomatoes: Roasted Roma Tart recipe from Sheri Castle’s New Southern Garden Cookbook.

What’s Cooking? Mama Dip’s Baked Fudge!

Last night I had a problem many can relate to—all I wanted was something CHOCOLATE. Seeing as how I was too tired to run to the store for a sweet tooth fix or even try and attempt something overly complicated at home, I turned to Mama Dip’s Family Cookbook to see if there was something …

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