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  1. What Civil War titles will be published in 2009. Im looking for 16th Connectticutt by Dr. lesley Gordon and prarie grove by William Shea. Please reply. Thanks James McCorry

  2. Hi James. Our Spring 2009 titles will go live on the UNC Press website around November 1. Neither Lesley Gordon nor William Shea have books on that list, though. Shea’s book on Prairie Grove is scheduled for Fall 2009. We do not have anything new lined up with Lesley Gordon; the book on the 16th Connecticut must be with another publisher.

    On our Spring 2009 list, we’ll have new books from Lawrence Babits and Joshua Howard, Earl Hess, Daniel Sutherland, John Majewski, and a volume edited by Joan Waugh and Gary Gallagher.

    Thanks for your interest,

  3. I have a 1939 edition of Tobe. It was a book my brothers and I read. I saw the blog about it but I’d like to know more. I tried to fax a letter to your offices but the fax is not working. Why is it so hard to find you? You are not easily found on the UNC website and then when I googled the press, I find the fax number is not working.