Celebrate Your Independents

IndieBound logoThe community-driven movement of independent booksellers we have come to know and love as “BookSense” is officially changing its name today. Introducing: IndieBound. For those of you in the publishing world, here’s a rundown on the ABA’s website for how BookSense programs you’ve come to rely on are being reinterpreted for IndieBound. Their website is bubbling over with excitement. You can even sign on to their “Declaration of IndieBound,” a proud, celebratory statement of values that channels both the founding fathers and Jerry Maguire. To wit:

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for individuals to denounce the corporate bands which threaten to homogenize our cities and our souls, we must celebrate the powers that make us unique and declare the causes which compel us to remain independent.

Hear, hear!!

As I alluded in yesterday’s post, independent booksellers put 45% of every dollar back into the community. Want to keep it local? Locate an independent bookseller near you by clicking here.