(UNCP + State of Things) x 2 = Today

What, headline too cryptic? How much does UNC Press love The State of Things? We love it twice as much as yesterday, but only half as much as tomorrow. Today’s show will feature TWO segments with a UNCP author in each segment. No, we are not paying them off. But both UNC Press and The State of Things work to bring attention to North Carolina issues and talent, in order to educate, inform, and entertain.

Up today: Nortin Hadler, MD, author of Worried Sick: A Prescription for Health in an Overtreated America. I’ve introduced Hadler in a previous post, and his provocative book is sparking lots of productive conversations.

In another segment of the show, host Frank Stasio will be discussing coastal homes — specifically, the problem of how to insure houses built near vulnerable beaches. Guests will be David Marlett, director of the Brantley Risk and Insurance Center at Appalachian State University, and our very own Orrin Pilkey, geologist and co-author of How to Read a North Carolina Beach: Bubble Holes, Barking Sands, and Rippled Runnels. Pilkey’s the go-to man on issues of beach history, erosion, and preservation.

The show will air today at noon on WUNC (91.5FM Chapel Hill, 88.9FM Manteo, 90.9FM Rocky Mount). You can listen online or download the podcast later.

— ellen

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