LOLCats for “Pets in America”

Whats Delaying My Dinner -- from LOLCats &

o hai,

so ise lokin on teh interwebs teh oder dae n i finds pikshur of grate-grate-grate-grate… well, waybaxs granma kitteh.

her sittin in haichair waren a dress n axin bout din-din. vry silly pikshur, rlly.

but bes kat site on allada interwebs! dey sez it vry 1st pikshur for dems!

pikshur remines me of oder pikshurs hooman shows to me inna buk kalt “Petz in Amerka”

Pets in America

lotsa pikshurs inna dis bok. i lik pikshurs, but not pikshurs uf dogz. too meny dogz pikshurs inna bok.

strang ting, doh. pikshurs lok lahk we’s petz n not hoomans. ev’rybdy nose hoomanz r teh petz!

hoomanzs wif gud fud makez bes petz, too.

we awl nose dat!