An Idol from UNC – Chapel Hill

anoopdesai-americanidolYes, this is a blog posting about American Idol.

I’m in charge of the blog for a while and I’m going to write about things that I think should be brought to the public’s attention.  And Anoop Desai is certainly one of those things.

Back in a former life I was a Children’s Librarian in two Wake County, North Carolina Public Schools.  Both Hunter and Fuller Elementary schools were Academically Gifted Magnets meaning both had more than their share of bright, interesting kids with lots of personality.

One of those (Fuller) kids was Anoop Desai.  He was a bit small for his age, had a round face and was, in the best sense of the word, precocious.  He was smart, knew he was smart, but didn’t make a big deal out of it.  He was funny in a way that made both his peers and his teachers laugh.

I found him on Facebook a few years back and was happy to see that he was a student at UNC – Chapel Hill and was doing well.  He was one of those kids who could go far and it looked like he was doing just that.

And now he’s one of the final 36 on American Idol.

So in a blatant attempt at swaying the vote I’m asking all of you to join in with all of the 3,000+ people on Facebook who have committed to calling in for Anoop tonight and make those call.

Vote early, vote often! Let’s have a UNC student (and barbecue lover!) staying on American Idol!

— tom