NASCAR Hall of Fame Opens

Tomorrow’s the big day: the NASCAR Hall of Fame grand opening in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Asheville Citizen-Times gives us a little taste of the place. Later this month, five legendary figures from NASCAR history will be inducted into the Hall of Fame: Dale Earnhardt, Bill France Jr., Bill France Sr., Junior Johnson, and Richard Petty. We’ve got no quarrel with these deserving inductees. But Daniel S. Pierce, author of Real NASCAR (the book and the blog!) takes things a step further, arguing for the induction of legendary cars into the HOF, too. And he’s given it some thought (he is, after all, the go-to historian of the early days of the sport). Go check out his recs.

If you enjoy Pierce’s blog, you’ll want to listen to some radio appearances he’s made recently. He spoke to Frank Stasio on The State of Things last month, and he talked to Neal Conan on Talk of the Nation back in March, when there was some racetrack score settlin’ going on down at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. You can also listen to our audio interview with Pierce online.

You can read a chapter of the book by clicking on the “view inside” button on the widget below. And just think, for the price of a pair of tickets to the Hall of Fame class of 2010 induction ceremony, you can buy 5 copies of Real NASCAR to share with your friends! Just sayin’.