Listen: Author Adam Lucas talks Carolina Basketball

Adam Lucas

Recently, Adam Lucas, author of Carolina Basketball: A Century of Excellence, sat down with UNC Press editor Mark Simpson-Vos and discussed the many different elements that went into the making of a book that has met the approval of former Carolina players, coaches, and fans alike. Besides penning his column on, Lucas also publishes Tar Heel Monthly and Tar Heels Today, and has written five other books on UNC basketball.

In his latest book, Lucas draws from interviews with many former players and interesting archival research to tell the story of Carolina’s basketball program throughout the years. He discusses what makes the Carolina program different from its rivals: the strong sense of family that connects players, coaches, and fans past and present to Chapel Hill. He also touches on the importance of rivalries both within and beyond the ACC and how individual players’ games change throughout their careers at UNC. Click to listen to the full interview here:

If you want to hear more from Lucas, he’ll be at the Greensboro Barnes & Noble this Saturday, December 18th, at 11:00 AM before the game against Texas. Then on Friday, January 7th at 7:00 PM, he’ll be at the Carolina College for Lifelong Learning in Chapel Hill with Freddie Kiger.