NC Icons: Uwharries and North Carolina Zoo

NC IconsThe Uwharries and the North Carolina Zoo are our featured North Carolina icons this week. They come in at numbers 25 and 40 in Our State magazine’s 100 North Carolina Icons. The Uwharries are the oldest mountain range in North America. You can visit them at Morrow Mountain State Park, which is located within the range. The North Carolina Zoo is located in the northern end of the Uwharrie Mountain Range, so you can visit both sites in one trip. You can find out more about both the North Carolina Zoo and the Uwharries in the State Library of North Carolina 100 icons guide. Both of these icons, along with many others, are in the Encyclopedia of North Carolina. We recommend having a copy to enrich your visits to North Carolina icons.

Encyclopedia of North Carolina, by William S. PowellThe first single-volume reference to the events, institutions, and cultural forces that have defined the state, the Encyclopedia of North Carolina is a landmark publication that will serve those who love and live in North Carolina for generations to come. Editor William S. Powell, whom the Raleigh News & Observer described as a “living repository of information on all things North Carolinian,” spent fifteen years developing this volume. With contributions by more than 550 volunteer writers—including scholars, librarians, journalists, and many others—it is a true “people’s encyclopedia” of North Carolina.

The volume includes more than 2,000 entries, presented alphabetically, consisting of longer essays on major subjects, briefer entries, and short summaries and definitions. Most entries include suggestions for further reading. Centered on history and the humanities, topics covered include agriculture; arts and architecture; business and industry; the Civil War; culture and customs; education; geography; geology, mining, and archaeology; government, politics, and law; media; medicine, science, and technology; military history; natural environment; organizations, clubs, and foundations; people, languages, and immigration; places and historic preservation; precolonial and colonial history; recreation and tourism; religion; and transportation.

An informative and engaging compendium, the Encyclopedia of North Carolina is abundantly illustrated with 400 photographs and maps. It is both a celebration and a gift—from the citizens of North Carolina, to the citizens of North Carolina.

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