Video: Stanley Riggs on NC Bookwatch

The North Carolina barrier islands, a 325-mile-long string of narrow sand islands that form the coast of North Carolina, are one of the most beloved areas to live and visit in the United States, and they are in jeopardy. In The Battle for North Carolina’s Coast: Evolutionary History, Present Crisis, and Vision for the Future, Stanley Riggs, Dorthea Ames, Stephen Culver, and David Mallinson examine issues that threaten this national treasure.

In an interview with North Carolina Bookwatch host D. G. Martin, Riggs talks about the richness of resources and the comparatively pristine state of North Carolina’s coastline and barrier islands.

The authors of The Battle for North Carolina’s Coast are members of the geological sciences department at East Carolina University. Stanley R. Riggs is Distinguished Research Professor and Harriot College Distinguished Professor; Dorothea V. Ames is research instructor; Stephen J. Culver is Harriot College Distinguished Professor and chair; and David J. Mallinson is associate professor.

This interview originally aired on UNC-TV on April 18, 2013. For more interviews with UNC Press authors and others visit  NC Bookwatch.