Samantha Rosenthal on Living Queer History

In case you missed last week’s online discussion, presented as part of the Shelf Life series of virtual events from the Virginia Festival of the Book, a program of Virginia Humanities: Samantha Rosenthal discussed Living Queer History: Remembrance and Belonging in a Southern City and the LGBTQ community in Roanoke, Virginia, that their book documents and celebrates. Interweaving historical analysis, theory, and memoir, Rosenthal tells the story of their own journey—coming out and transitioning as a transgender woman—in the midst of working on a community-based history project that documented a multigenerational southern LGBTQ community. Rosenthal was in conversation with Sarah Calise.

Samantha Rosenthal is Associate Professor of History at Roanoke College and co-founder of the Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ History Project.