Fuel Your Curiosity With the Latest UNC Press Presents Episodes

Listen to authors talk about their books and find your next read on the UNC Press presents podcast, produced in partnership with the New Books Network. In this post we’re highlighting some of our recent episodes but you can also browse all episodes directly from the UNC Press Presents webpage, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to Katherine Rye Jewell talk about her new book Live From the Underground: A History of College Radio with Claire Clark associate professor at the the University of Kentucky

In Live From The Underground Jewell uncovers how battles to control college radio were about more than music—they were an influential, if unexpected, front in the nation’s culture wars. More than an ode to beloved stations, this book will resonate with both music fans and observers of the politics of culture.

Tune in for a conversation with Jennifer Thomson, author of The Wild and the Toxic: American Environmentalism and the Politics of Health and Brian Hamilton, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wisconsin–Madison researching African American environmental history

The Wild and the Toxic revisits canonical figures and events from the environmental movement in the US and finds everywhere talk of health. With shrewd analysis, Thomson gives the movement its own check-up as she reassess the careers and political imaginations of many of the its luminaries.

In this episode Emily Brooks, author of Gotham’s War within a War: Policing and the Birth of Law-and-Order Liberalism in World War II–Era New York City, is in conversation with Jeffrey Lamson, a PhD student at Northeastern University

In this book, Emily Brooks recasts the evolution of urban policing by revealing that the rise of law-and-order liberalism was inseparable from the surveillance, militarism, and nationalism of war.

Aimee Loiselle talks about her book Beyond Norma Rae: How Puerto Rican and Southern White Women Fought for a Place in the American Working Class with Caleb Zakarin, Assistant Editor of the New Books Network

While Norma Rae constructed a powerful image of individual defiance by a white working-class woman, Beyond Norma Rae demonstrates that female industrial workers across the country and from diverse racial backgrounds understood the significance of cultural representation and fought to tell their own stories.