New This Week

It’s Tuesday which means: new books! Today The War That Made America: Essays Inspired by the Scholarship of Gary W. Gallagher edited by Caroline E. Janney, Peter S. Carmichael, and Aaron Sheehan-Dean is officially on-sale wherever books are sold.

Book cover for The War That Made America

This collection of original essays reveals the richness and dynamism of contemporary scholarship on the Civil War era. Contributors are William A. Blair, Peter S. Carmichael, Andre M. Fleche, Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh, Caroline E. Janney, Peter C. Luebke, Cynthia Nicoletti, Aaron Sheehan-Dean, and Kathryn J. Shively.

Written by some of the most significant historians working today in Civil War studies, this book is an important statement, and Civil War scholarship is going to be better for it.

Luke Harlow, University of Tennessee, Knoxville