It’s New Books Tuesday and we have new titles now available wherever books are sold! This week we have new southern gateways guides, a book on race and law in the creation of Puerto Rico, and a new Native American/Indigenous studies book that sheds light on the struggles and resilience of Native peoples across the Americas. Check out our new releases below and don’t forget you can see everything new this month on our Hot Off the Press page or sign up for our monthly e-news to get updates on new titles in your inbox.

book cover for Butterflies of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia

Butterflies of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia by Harry E. LeGrand Jr., Jeffrey S. Pippen, Derb Carter, Jr., Pierre Howard

“This is the first definitive guide to this species-rich area of the United States. The authors provide a wealth of much-needed current information on the lives and ranges of these species. An excellent addition to any nature enthusiast’s library.”—Mike Chapman, regional coordinator for the North American Butterfly Association

Book cover of Seashells of North Carolina

Seashells of North Carolina, Revised and Expanded edition by North Carolina Sea Grant, Edited by Katie Mosher

“This comprehensive guide brings scientific information to the public and includes descriptions that are useful even for people who are new to shell identification. A professional, accurate, and valuable resource for the state.”—Liz Baird, president of the North Carolina Aquarium Society

Book cover for What Side Are You On?

What Side Are You On?: A Tohono O’odham Life across Borders by Michael Steven Wilson, José Antonio Lucero

“Brilliant, moving, and wholly unique…. Wilson and Lucero have produced a groundbreaking book that mixes memoir, testimonio, political science, and history to tell the complex story of an Indigenous man’s journey through the civil rights era, the Cold War, and America’s war on undocumented migrants along the US-Mexico border.”—Jason De León, author of Soldiers and Kings: Survival and Hope in the World of Human Smuggling

“Mike Wilson’s life history and varied experiences reveal that Native lives are complex, adaptive, and entirely modern. Wilson and Lucero’s unique dual-story approach is extremely effective. I can’t think of another book quite like this one.”—K. Tsianina Lomawaima, Arizona State University

Book cover of Making Never-Never Land

Making Never-Never Land: Race and Law in the Creation of Puerto Rico by Mónica A. Jiménez

“This fantastic book, which traces the racial logics that have informed US legal decisions that undermine Puerto Rico’s sovereignty, will have a tremendous impact across Puerto Rican studies, legal studies, American studies, Native American studies, and other fields.”—Joaquín Villanueva, Gustavus Adolphus College

“A timely and important contribution to our understanding of the long colonial crisis in Puerto Rico under US rule. Taking seriously the injunction to study history from the margins, Jiménez uses Puerto Rico as a case study for the operation of US settler colonialism as a racial and legal project.”—Samuel Erman, University of Michigan