Nancy Tomes: Remarks from the Bancroft Awards Dinner

Thinking about those issues was like entering a funhouse with distorted mirrors: people used the same words—patient, consumer, choice, value—and meant very different things by them. In search of the origins of this strange concept of the “patient as consumer,” I kept going back further and further, looking for where it came from. The roots turned out to be a lot earlier than I expected: the 1920s and 1930s, not the 1970s. Continue Reading Nancy Tomes: Remarks from the Bancroft Awards Dinner


Jack Temple Kirby, author of MOCKINGBIRD SONG: ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPES OF THE SOUTH (2006)–winner of the 2007 Bancroft Prize awarded annually to a book “of exceptional merit” by Columbia University and the 2007 Bennett H. Wall Award given for the best book in Southern economic or businesshistory from the Southern Historical Association–died on August 6. Kirby… Continue Reading JACK TEMPLE KIRBY (1938-2009)