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Innovating with MOOCs

According to Goldstein, the most exciting part is the “opportunity is to reach a much broader audience.” Because his class with Thorp is on innovation, teaching it as a MOOC provides a unique opportunity to marry form and content. “We’re interested in the interactive aspect because innovation and entrepreneurship aren’t passive—they’re active,” he says. “Entrepreneurship is about impact and taking innovative ideas to fruition. The key notion of MOOCs is creating a global reach with an entrepreneurial mindset that allows opportunities in those spaces between innovation and execution that is key to social change.” Continue Reading Innovating with MOOCs

New ebook offers blueprint for building a globally competitive South

Gitterman and Coclanis argue that our leaders must find a way to forge a bipartisan, pro-growth economic agenda and, in order to implement it, embrace creative public-private partnerships of various kinds. Continue Reading New ebook offers blueprint for building a globally competitive South

Get Innovative at Carolina!

This week, the Innovate@Carolina series brings some exciting events related to entrepreneurship to UNC.  Chancellor Holden Thorp, author (with Buck Goldstein) of Engines of Innovation: The Entrepreneurial University in the Twenty-First Century, is a member of President Obama’s National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Other members of the NACIE will be on hand on Monday and Tuesday to share… Continue Reading Get Innovative at Carolina!