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In Our Orbit: Author Voices On Air and Online

A roundup of authors making news this week: Ed Blum and Glenn Eskew on the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham bombing, Hester Blum offers tips for the academic job hunter, Sandra Gutierrez has a Twitter chat about Latin Street Food, and Blain Roberts looks at the Miss America pageant. Continue Reading In Our Orbit: Author Voices On Air and Online

Happy National Maritime Day!

Happy National Maritime Day! Today, I ask that each of you take a closer look at those crab legs you’re eating, or that naval ship you see when you are at the beach and really consider how important sailors, the sea, and the maritime industry is to our daily lives. May 22, 1933 marks the date that the American steamship… Continue Reading Happy National Maritime Day!

The fisher poets, then and now

“On the boat, I don’t have a TV,” he said. “We just read.” So it has been for hundreds of years. A recent New York Times article about the Fisher Poets Weekend (which was held this past weekend in Astoria, Oregon) introduces several of the seafaring poets who gather once a year to share verse inspired by their working lives.… Continue Reading The fisher poets, then and now