Cynthia A. Kierner: Women and Children First?

Today we welcome a guest post from Cynthia A. Kierner, author of Inventing Disaster: The Culture of Calamity from the Jamestown Colony to the Johnstown Flood, published this month by UNC Press. When hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and other disasters strike, we count our losses, search for causes, commiserate with victims, and initiate relief efforts. Amply… Continue Reading Cynthia A. Kierner: Women and Children First?

Here Comes Hurricane Season 2013

The National Weather Service is in the middle of their National Hurricane Preparedness Week, running from May 26–June 1. The website provides a helpful Tropical Cyclone Preparedness Guide with meteorological information on hurricanes, the many hazards that occur both during and after the storm, and a checklist precautions to take to ensure your safety through the six-month hurricane season. Continue Reading Here Comes Hurricane Season 2013

Jay Barnes: Hurricanes and Politics

Much of the news coverage for Issac has focused on Tampa, host city for the Republican National Convention set to get underway on Monday. There’s good reason to focus attention on Tampa too, because along with the entire Tampa Bay area, it is the U.S. city most vulnerable to a major hurricane. Continue Reading Jay Barnes: Hurricanes and Politics

Jay Barnes: Before & After Hurricane Irene

September 1, 2011 As I write this, electric power is just now returning in the last remaining North Carolina neighborhoods darkened by Hurricane Irene’s pole-cracking winds last weekend. Chainsaws are still buzzing, landfills are just beginning to be overrun with truckloads of debris, and people flooded out of their homes are returning, exhausted from the… Continue Reading Jay Barnes: Before & After Hurricane Irene

Come on, Irene

As we launch into hurricane season, listen to the experts on hurricanes & coastal erosion, Jay Barnes and Stanley Riggs. Continue Reading Come on, Irene

Hurricane Season Comes to the Carolinas

Less than a week after Hurricane Gustav kept many of us watching The Weather Channel, hoping New Orleans would be spared a repeat of the flooding damage brought by Hurricane Katrina, those of us in North Carolina are now watching as Tropical Storm Hanna is taking aim at the Carolina coastline. Many of us here… Continue Reading Hurricane Season Comes to the Carolinas

Hurricane season opener

Did you know the names of hurricanes are already set through 2012? So, here comes Bertha, the Atlantic’s first tropical storm this year to reach hurricane status. Bertha’s weakening, then maybe strengthening, and is currently headed toward Bermuda. Hurricane expert and UNC Press author Jay Barnes is our go-to person for hurricane info.