Nick Syrett on the Greek System, Then and Now

It’s mid-September and many of us are now back in the swing of the school year; we are surrounded by the sights and sounds of new and returning students, not just in class but all across campus. Among these students at many colleges and universities are the conspicuous members of fraternities wearing their T-shirts advertising… Continue Reading Nick Syrett on the Greek System, Then and Now


Jack Temple Kirby, author of MOCKINGBIRD SONG: ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPES OF THE SOUTH (2006)–winner of the 2007 Bancroft Prize awarded annually to a book “of exceptional merit” by Columbia University and the 2007 Bennett H. Wall Award given for the best book in Southern economic or businesshistory from the Southern Historical Association–died on August 6. Kirby… Continue Reading JACK TEMPLE KIRBY (1938-2009)