We’ve got several authors out there making appearances online in various forms. If you’ve missed some of the live appearances in this busy spring, take a moment to follow-up virtually.

In history…

Russell McClintock, author of Lincoln and the Decision for War, was interviewed recently by Michael Noirot over at This Mighty Scourge.

An excerpt from Amy Wood‘s new book, Lynching and Spectacle, appears in the online version of the journal Southern Spaces. Read “They Never Witnessed Such a Melodrama.”

In Latin American studies…

Louis Perez, whose most recent book is Cuba in the American Imagination, has an op-ed in McClatchy-owned newspapers about current changes in U.S.-Cuba relations. See his commentary, “Welcome change in U.S.-Cuba policy, but not far enough.”

Paul Gootenberg‘s Andean Cocaine gets “The Page 99 Test.”

In religious studies…

Gary Bunt, author if iMuslims, gives a glimpse of how the internet affects the way Islam is approached and interpreted in an op-ed for The National, an English-language paper based in Abu Dhabi. See “The net effect of digital Islam.”

Paul Harvey talks about Native American religion with Tisa Wenger, author of We Have a Religion, at the Religion in American History blog.