UNC Press on Facebook!

Search for University of North Carolina Press on Facebook!Facebook seems to be everywhere you look these days and everyone you know is on the social networking site. Now you can find the University of North Carolina Press on Facebook as well! By searching “University of North Carolina Press,” and clicking “become a fan,” you will gain access to lots of information regarding new books, upcoming events and goings on here at the Press. It has proven to be a very useful tool for authors, customers, and Press staff.

Bookshare is an application we have on our Facebook page that allows you to rate some of our books as ones you “liked,” “disliked,” or “would recommend to a friend.” You can even quickly and easily link to Amazon.com to purchase a copy, or link to our web site www.uncpress.unc.edu to browse more of what we have to offer. Another option you have is to write a review of a book to let us know what you think about the titles we are publishing. Pretty cool huh? Book publishing is no longer on a macro-level, my friends! You can have a say! Power to the people!

We also have a couple pages dedicated solely to books we have coming soon–Long Story Short: Flash Fiction by Sixty-Five of North Carolina’s Finest Writers and One Fantastic Ride: The Inside Story of Carolina Basketball’s 2009 National Championship Season.  Here’s the link to the Long Story Short FB page. Unfortunately, I cannot link to the One Fantastic Ride page, but you can search for it on Facebook if you have an account.  These two pages are really cool because not only can you interact with authors and contributors, but you can get a heads up on where authors like Marianne Gingher or Tar Heel Monthly’s Adam Lucas will be doing book signings, speaking engagements, or visiting a store near you! Facebook has proven to be a great way to keep in touch with friends, but even more, it is becoming a business tool that helps maintain strong working relationships between company and customer. This feedback helps us to do our jobs better and allows all of you to have a say in what you like and don’t like. If you are not a Facebook member already, I suggest you join us (in a non-cult like way) and see what all you have been missing out on!