Launch Week at UNC Press!

If you are wondering why you haven’t seen many fresh UNC Press blog posts lately, you have launch week to thank for that. UNC Press folks spent all of last week–save a lunch break here and there–discussing the 70+ titles that will make up our list for Spring 2010. While we are exhausted (sigh) we are certain that it was time well spent. A  preview of what is to come for the spring…

The next volume for The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture is coming! Volume 15: Urbanization, edited by Wanda Rushing, will discuss southern cities such as Atlanta, Memphis, and Charlotte and the various issues and trends that continue to shape those cities as a result of globalization. This volume looks at immigration patterns, growth of southern urban centers, as well as booming regional entrepreneurial activities with global reach.

If you are interested in (arguably) the nation’s largest spectator sport, you will be pumped to hear about Dan Pierce’s White Liquor and Red Clay: NASCAR in the Era of Big Bill France. This book is a comprehensive, chronological narrative of the sport from its postwar beginnings in Daytona and on Piedmont dirt tracks through the early 1970s, when NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. retired. It offers insight into the real NASCAR and gives an amazing “tell-all” history of stock car racing and its controversial past.

Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina, by Leonard Rogoff, is going to be published in association with the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina and offers a comprehensive history of Jewish life in North Carolina from colonial times to the present. NC Jews were among those at the forefront of a changing South, Rogoff argues, and their experiences challenge myths and stereotypes of a society that was agrarian, biracial, and Protestant.

Several books, including Beyond the Alamo, The Inner Islands, Vicksburg, & Contested Waters, on the Spring 2010 list are new in paperback!

From tweaking titles to creating pub plans to learning more about our authors, launch week is one that is exciting and draining. We made it through, however, and can’t wait to get these titles on their way!

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