North Carolina Pottery on PBS Tonight

The American craft tradition did not just appear, fully-formed and mature. Where have our craft practices come from? How does the tradition continue? Tonight at 8pm on PBS-TV, the Peabody award-winning series CRAFT IN AMERICA will feature several craft experts on the segment titled, “Origins.” Each of the artists featured in “Origins” ties their work to early craft techniques and demonstrates how they are involved in passing these techniques to others in a continuum of creativity.

Among those featured are potter and former owner of Jugtown Pottery, Nancy Sweezy, and potter Mark Hewitt. Sweezy and Hewitt are also coauthors of The Potter’s Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery. Mark Hewitt is owner of Mark Hewitt Pottery.

The Potter's Eye

Also featured on the show is Vernon Owens, master potter and owner of Jugtown Pottery in Seagrove, North Carolina. Vernon, a sixth generation potter, has been making pots at Jugtown for over 50 years, having started making pots for sale at the age of ten. He owns Jugtown Pottery along with his wife, Pam Owens. Their son Travis, age 24, and daughter Bayle, age 19, both work at Jugtown and continue the family craft.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight! PBS-TV, 8-10pm.

-Rose Florence