Fall SALE: Hundreds of Books Half Price

1) Are the leaves half gone from the trees in your neighborhood?

a. Yes.
b. No, they’re all gone.
c. Turning colors, but still hanging on.
d. What trees?

2) Are sunny days half as warm as they were in July?

a. Yes. And half again.
b. No. We do not experience such fluctuations in temperature.
c. Maybe today, but it might warm up again tomorrow.
d. Sunny days? We haven’t had one in weeks.

3) Are you watching your budget, trying to cut your expenses in half?

a. Yes.
b. No, I’m infinitely wealthy. Would you like some money?*
c. Yes.
d. Yes.

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I’d love to know what you’re seeing in your corner of the world. Answer the questions in the comments!

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