8-year-old Fan Gives Molly Whuppie Two Thumbs Up

We love fan mail here at UNC Press. Who doesn’t, right? Fan mail from kids is extra awesome, though. Here’s something that really made our day recently.

Eight-year-old Sydney C., of Asheville, North Carolina, was one of the guests at last month’s Asheville book party (which Rachel has blogged about). Sydney met Press authors Foy Edelman and Bill Ferris as well as several contributors to Mariannge Gingher’s edited volume, Long Story Short. The highlight for Sydney, however, was receiving a copy of Ann Shelby’s book, The Adventures of Molly Whuppie and Other Appalachian Folktales. Sydney writes:

Thank you for the fabulus Molly Whuppie book. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Even though it says ages 10 and up, it is the perfect reading material for me.


Sydney C.

P.S  it was nice meeting you and the authors

Thanks for your kind letter, Sydney! Glad to hear Molly Whuppie’s a hit.

Happy weekend, everybody-