Farewell to Intern Matt

It’s a bittersweet day in UNC Press blogland. Today we must say farewell to blogging intern extraordinaire Matt Poindexter, who’s about to take off for one last summer of freedom before starting law school and then working for a living, becoming a major donor to UNC Press, saving the planet and all its women and children, etc.

Remember when he ushered us in to web 2.0 (he’s a powerful fellow!)? Introduced us to the great hollerin’ contest of Sampson County? Taught us some Haitian history? Or, heh, how about “clash of the tartans”? And how he rocked women’s history month? Good times, man, and educational, too.

Soon after he graduates in May, Matt’ll hit the road in a Field-of-Dreams scholarly quest/roadtrip seeking out would-be baseball legends, one ballpark at a time, drinking beer and writing the world’s greatest baseball poem. Or something like that. Pretty sweet gig, sounds like.

We thank him for his faithful (and free!) service to the UNC Press blog, and wish him all the home runs and triple plays he can stand.

Cheers, Matt!