We’ve blogged before about E. Patrick Johnson’s amazing Sweet Tea project–the book, the performances.

Johnson is now starring in the one-man-show called Sweet Tea at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago through May 29. Here’s a taste of his preparation with director Daniel Alexander Jones.

We have a special website dedicated to Sweet Tea, where you can see clips of Johnson’s previous show, Pouring Tea. For the Chicago production, About Face Theatre’s blog features an interview with Johnson as well as video of a post-Katrina reunion between Johnson and interviewee Countess Vivian (in two parts: one and two).

Tickets for the Chicago show are available online or by calling (773) 296-6024.

Johnson’s performances are inspiring, heartbreaking, and hilarious. If you are anywhere near Chicago, drop what you’re doing and go see his show, for goodness’ sake.