University Press Week: Blog Tour Day Two

University Press Week 2012 badge

Today is the second day of the first annual University Press Week, and the blog tour continues with five new posts.

  • At MIT Press, editorial director Gita Manaktala discusses current shifts in scholarship and reading and how university presses can continue to deliver value to authors and readers.
  • At University of California Press, library relations manager Rachel Lee writes about why university presses matter to libraries.
  • At University of Hawai‘i Press, author and UHP editorial board member Barbara Watson Andaya writes about how University Presses have extended the global boundary of knowledge and how important that is to furthering and supporting fields such as Southeast Asian studies.
  • At Wilfrid Laurier University Press, filmmaker, critic, and teacher R. Bruce Elder considers the state of humanity in a society dominated by technology, unearthing the heart of academic publishing and its impact on an ever-conforming world.
  • And at University Press of Florida, we get three perspectives on why university presses matter: from editorial intern Claire Eder, acquisitions intern Samantha Pryor, and marketing intern Alia Almeida.

You can check the full blog tour schedule to see what else is coming this week.