Pre-Order The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture at Discounted Rate

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

With the publication of the final two volumes in June 2013, the 24-Volume The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture will be complete. To celebrate the accomplishment, UNC Press is providing a special offer where you can pre-order the entire 24-volume set at a discounted rate with free shipping—in either hardcover at $800 per set, or paperback at $400 per set. If you already have some of the volumes, this 30% discount extends to the purchase of any individual volumes you do not yet own.

When the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture was published 1989 it was heralded as the first of its kind: a reference book dealing exclusively with an American regional culture. In the two decades since, the South has undergone profound changes resulting from globalization, economic transformations, and other cultural shifts. In conjunction with the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, UNC Press has fully revised and updated the original edition into a series of 24 individual volumes. The landmark 24-volume set reflects these cultural shifts and includes the newest scholarship in the region.

Make sure to take advantage of the limited time offer and order your full set of 24 volumes of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, in either hardcover or paperback, and the shipping is free. Or, simply purchase the individual volumes you are looking for at the same discounted rate. When completing your order online, type in the promotion code 01NESCSET in the upper right hand corner of the checkout screen to ensure you receive the discounted rate.