Longleaf Services Selects Ingram for Content Logistics


Ingram Content Group Inc. and Longleaf Services, Inc. today announced a third-party logistics agreement that combines Longleaf’s expertise in distributing and selling scholarly content with Ingram’s inventory management, logistics, and print and digital content solutions.

“With the enormous change we are experiencing in the industry, working with Ingram will allow Longleaf to provide a fully integrated suite of print and digital services, in addition to the superior customer service and back-office activities we’ve been providing to better serve our current and future client publishers,” said Robbie Dircks, President of Longleaf Services and Associate Director and Chief Financial Officer, University of North Carolina Press.

The University of North Carolina Press launched Longleaf Services in 2006. Longleaf Services was established to provide cost-effective customer service, order processing, collection management, warehousing, and fulfillment to university presses and non-profit publishers.

“Our work with Ingram is a key step in realigning our business to address the changing needs of scholarly publishers,” said John Sherer, Director of the University of North Carolina Press. “Ingram’s comprehensive third-party logistics will be a strong base upon which Longleaf will develop an expanded set of publishing services geared toward university presses.”

With a fourth quarter 2014 transition, Ingram will manage warehousing, fulfillment, print-on-demand, and e-book content management solutions for Longleaf Services clients and future distributed clients.

MaryKatherine Callaway, Director of LSU Press, and a Longleaf client publisher since January 2008, said, “Longleaf’s collaboration with Ingram will give us the tools to manage print and digital distribution from a single source, giving us more time to focus on our content and its discoverability.”

As the need to distribute content in its many forms worldwide has become increasingly important, publishers and service providers are exploring new ways to operate and shift investments once used for the cost of warehousing and logistics.

“Longleaf Services, a respected and forward-looking book industry provider, recognizes that the future of publishing requires adapting the business model,” said Mark Ouimet, Vice President and General Manager, Ingram Publisher Services. “We are pleased that they have chosen Ingram solutions to grow their business and enhance the services they provide to their important academic clients.”

About Longleaf Services

Longleaf Services, Inc. is the not-for-profit fulfillment affiliate of the University of North Carolina Press. The company was formed in 2006 to provide a cost-effective customer service and fulfillment solution for university presses and not-for-profit academic publishers. Longleaf currently provides services for Louisiana State University Press, Rutgers University Press, Syracuse University Press, University of Nebraska Press, University of North Carolina Press, and University of the West Indies Press. Learn more about Longleaf Services at www.longleafservices.org.

About Ingram 

Ingram Content Group Inc. is a subsidiary of Nashville-based Ingram Industries Inc. The company got its start in 1964 as a textbook depository and has since grown and transformed into a comprehensive publishing industry services company that offers numerous solutions, including physical book distribution, print-on-demand and digital services. Committed to the success of its partners, Ingram works closely with publishers, retailers, libraries and schools around the world to provide them with the right products and services to help them succeed in the dynamic and increasingly complex world of content publishing. Ingram’s operating units are Ingram Book Company, Lightning Source Inc., Vital Source Technologies, Inc., Ingram Periodicals Inc., Ingram International Inc., Ingram Library Services Inc., Spring Arbor Distributors Inc., Ingram Publisher Services Inc., Tennessee Book Company LLC, Coutts Information Services, and ICG Ventures Inc. Learn more about Ingram Content Group at www.ingramcontent.com.