UNC Press Distributing the North Carolina Office of Archives and History’s Historical Publications

NCDNCR logoThe University of North Carolina Press is now distributing the North Carolina Office of Archives and History’s Historical Publications—more than 150 books about the state’s history, people, and culture.

Housed within the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and Parks, the Office of Archives and History has earned a reputation for offering well-researched and affordably-priced works of nonfiction for general readers, scholars, and students. The Office was first established as the North Carolina Historical Commission in 1903 with the mission of collecting, editing, and publishing the state’s historical documents. Its first book, Literary and Historical Activities in North Carolina, 1900-1905, was published in 1907.

Some of the Office’s most popular titles include From Ulster to Carolina: The Migration of the Scotch-Irish to Southwestern North Carolina; A History of African Americans in North Carolina; and Native Carolinians: The Indians of North Carolina. Their publications also include reference works that are a valuable resource for scholars, including the series, North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster and the recently published The Old North State at War: A North Carolina Civil War Atlas.

“UNC Press has long been a valued partner of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources,” said Dr. Kevin Cherry, Deputy Secretary of the Office of Archives & History. “We are pleased to have entered into a more formal and expanded partnership as we continue to document the history of the state and its people.”

“UNC Press is uniquely positioned to partner with the Office of Archives and History as we both have long traditions of publishing for audiences interested in the history of North Carolina and the South. By taking advantage of our infrastructure—state-of-the-art warehouse, on-demand printing, digital publishing platforms, and strong regional sales channels—the Office can focus on acquiring and editing new books while the Press helps them reach the broadest possible audiences,” said John Sherer, Spangler Family Director of the University of North Carolina Press.

In addition to selling Historical Publications titles that are currently in print, the Press and the Office will work together to reissue out-of-print titles and will make many of the books available in digital formats through a wide array of eBook vendors.

The Historical Publications continue to be sold through bookstores, museum stores, and gift shops at parks and historic sites around the state. For more information visit www.uncpress.org.