New Books for Fall and Winter 2017-18

Last week we shared a few highlights coming up this fall and winter season. Browse the interactive catalog below to see more! We’ve got great titles in store for fall and winter 2017-2018 in areas like American History, Foodways, African American Studies, North Carolina History, Environmental History, and more. You can also visit our website to see what’s already available in a subject that interest you. But the easiest way to stay up to date is to sign up for our monthly eNews announcements!

Want a quick preview? Here are a few more highlights for fall:

Demas: Game of Privilege Windham: Knocking on Labor's Door Chaney: Runaway Gussow: Beyond the Crossroads Ahmad: Religion as Critique  

Woods: Herds Shot Round the World Smith: The Stormy Present Cox: Goat Castle Fowler: Ham DeMent: The Farmhouse Chef

Emily Herring Wilson: The Three Graces of Val-Kill  Chris Myers Asch and George Derek Musgrave: Chocolate City Pamela Grundy: Color and Character Hess: The Battle of Peach Tree Creek  Lucas: Redemption