North Carolina Writers’ Network Fall 2021 Conference

We’re proud to announce our sponsorship of the North Carolina Writers’ Network Fall 2021 Conference! From November 19th – 21st, NCWN will be hosting their Fall 2021 Conference with one class led by one of our authors and another led by two UNC Press employees. Visit to register for the conference today!

Georgann Eubanks, author of Saving the Wild South: The Fight for Native Plants on the Brink of Extinction, and Donna Campbell are teaching “The Art of the Interview”.

Georgann Eubanks (left) and Donna Campbell (right) 

Explore a range of interviewing techniques and polish your listening and observation skills. How much homework on your subject should you do in advance? How far can you veer from prepared questions? How can you put your subjects at ease and inspire trust? How can you get the most out of an interview when the time allowed is very short? We’ll also discuss release forms, the ethics of taking someone’s story, point of view, and the role of the interviewer in framing the final piece. We’ll also conduct in-class interviews with each other as a way to test some ideas. The goal of the class is to help each participant become a more experienced and confident interviewer.

Our Digital Initiatives and Database Director Ellen Bush and our Associate Digital Marketing Manager Phillip Loken are teaching “Nerd Cool 101: Making Your Book Shine Online”.

Ellen Bush
Phillip Loken

In this crash course on how to effectively promote your work online, we’ll outline the basic principles of metadata, online discoverability, and search engine optimization (SEO); offer tips for engaging with online platforms and social media; and examine a case study of a successful online marketing campaign. An in-class exercise will get you started planning your own campaign, and we’ll answer all your burning questions about promoting your work online. Whether you have a book to promote or just want to establish a more visible platform for your work, this session will help you create an online presence that amplifies your own authentic voice and helps you build new creative connections and relationships.

For more details on the other classes and the conference overall, visit