New This Month: September

Happy September! We know some of you have already started to pull out your sweaters, sweatshirts, and fall decor, while you sip on your pumpkin coffee…but don’t forget to also stock up your shelves for some cozy fall reading. Browse our lineup of books publishing this month and take advantage of our anniversary sale with 40% off your order when you use code 01DAH40—more info about the sale on our 100th Anniversary sale page.

Passion Plays: How Religion Shaped Sports in North America by Randall Balmer

“This entertaining history examines the religious and cultural roots of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey…The illuminating insights into how sports reflect the historical periods and communities in which they developed will change how fans see the games. This one is a winner.”—Publishers Weekly

“[Passion Plays] does what no other sports book has ever done—that is, connect the rituals of modern sport and trace them back to American society’s religious roots. Whether you prefer a home run, touchdown, goal or basket, Balmer definitely scores with this book and you will too if you take the time to read it.”—Religion Unplugged

Climate Change Gardening for the South: Planet-Friendly Solutions for Thriving Gardens by Barbara J. Sullivan

– Surveys the science behind climate change and gardening

– Gives advice on planning and installing gardens that will not only thrive but also help address critical environmental challenges

– Covers key topics ranging from designing a climate-friendly garden that will attract songbirds and pollinators to weaning off gas-powered tools to using water wisely

From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century, Second Edition by William A. Darity Jr., A. Kirsten Mullen

2021 Lillian Smith Book Award

2021 Association for the Study of African American Life and History Book Prize

2020 Ragan Old North State Award for Nonfiction, North Carolina Literary and Historical Association

2021 Best Book Awards in Social Change Category, American Book Fest

“Darity and Mullen challenge the United States to bear the moral weight of the legacies of slavery and deeply entrenched racism: to reject trifling, half-hearted measures and to approach—and perhaps even achieve—wholeness through reparations.”—New York Review of Books

The Benefits of Friends: Inside the Complicated World of Today’s Sororities and Fraternities by Jana Mathews

“Engrossing and smart, Mathews’s fresh insights on contemporary, white, Greek letter organizations left me thinking even after I had put aside the book.”—Diana B. Turk, author of Bound by a Mighty Vow

“Mathews’s engaging book will appeal to the Greek system’s biggest critics and fans. Astute and persuasive, Mathews helps outsiders understand fraternities and sororities’ perennial appeal; she also shows how they can mend their ways.”—Nicholas L. Syrett, author of The Company He Keeps: A History of White College Fraternities

State of Disaster: The Failure of U.S. Migration Policy in an Age of Climate Change by Maria Cristina Garcia

“A forthright work of research and witness . . . State of Disaster is a learned and fervent exposé that holds out hope that impacts can ‘be minimized with strategic planning, sustainable practices, and responsible, accountable and transparent governance.'”—Foreword Reviews

“Crisp, elegant, and concise. This compelling book deals expertly with the increasing problems of climate change–induced migration in the United States and the political and humanitarian challenges such migration raises within and across borders.”—Jorge Duany, author of Blurred Borders

The Investigative Brigade: Hunting Human Rights Criminals in Post-Pinochet Chile by Pascale Bonnefoy Miralles

“This is an extraordinary book. . . . a great book. . . . an encouraging book.”—CNN Chile

“This compelling, thrilling, and inspirational book takes a unique approach to the issue of accountability for human rights crimes: Bonnefoy tells the stories of the actual police detectives who investigated, tracked, and detained some of the most infamous human rights violators in modern history. Worthy of a broad audience among anyone interested in the pursuit of truth and justice for human rights atrocities.”—Peter Kornbluh, coauthor of Back Channel to Cuba

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