$100 for the Close of Our 100th

Looking forward to our 101th year of publishing, we thank the friends and supporters of UNC Press in whatever way you provide our nonprofit publishing with support—be it through the purchase (or accessing via the library of your choice) our ebooks, books, and journals, or through your generous financial gifts.

Having reached the culmination of our centennial anniversary, we invite you to join with us in including the Press in your end-of-year giving with a gift of $100 for the UNC Press 100th—or, any amount meaningful to you!  

100 for the 100th University of North Carolina Press: A Century of Publishing

One hundred years ago, the challenge was a lack of secular publishing. Today, the challenge is access to top tier quality scholarship and knowledge. Once again, UNC Press is addressing the challenge.

Here are some final facts concerning our endeavors as we enter our second century:

  • UNC Press is expanding access more generally as part of century-long mission to disseminate our works as broadly as possible, but also to integrate into our continuing work to expand equity.
  • We support new modes of publishing with a particular focus on lowering costs of course materials for students.
  • UNC Press continues to tell the stories that mainstream publishing overlooks—and in particular, the voices in our region that are often overlooked.
  • We support the advancement of scholarship in the humanities and social science.
  • And, finally, UNC Press brings the story of the American South to the world—and brings the world to the American South.

Happy New Year from everyone at UNC Press!