Announcing the Black Women’s History Series Incubator

We are excited to announce the Black Women’s History Series Incubator! The incubator is open to authors who are currently completing a book-length manuscript on Black women’s history. One to two applicants will be selected and have the opportunity to receive feedback on their work-in-progress from series editors (Dr. Talitha L. LeFlouria,  Dr. Ashley Farmer, and Dr. Daina Ramey Berry) as well as other invited interlocutors in their field. The incubator will take place during the Spring 2024 semester and the deadline for submissions is July 1, 2023.

Dawn Durante, UNC Press Sponsoring Editor, says “The Black Women’s History series editors’ idea for an incubator program for scholars working in the field is visionary in how it combines editorial mission and action. It is inspiring to see collaborators implementing meaningful support structures that align with their core intentions and commitments, and UNC Press and I are grateful to be partners in this essential work for the discipline and the series.”

You can find more information about the incubator program and apply here.

Hear From The Series Editors:

We know that there are a lot of projects that scholars are currently working on but who also may be thinking that they are not quite ready to hit send on a formal proposal. We developed the incubator not only to invest and cultivate the field of Black women’s history writ large but also to offer a chance for writers at various phases of project development to get feedback on their work and prepare it for submission.

Dr. Ashley Farmer

We are excited to help cultivate the next generation of scholars writing in the field of Black women’s history. Through the incubator, we hope to create a space for the development of cutting-edge books that shape the field and establish new approaches to studying Black women’s history.

Dr. Talitha L. LeFlouria

Our vision for the incubator is to institutionalize a safe space where work-in-progress manuscripts receive feedback from a team of experts at the development stage of a project. We are grateful to UNC Press for supporting such an undertaking.

Dr. Daina Ramey Berry