New Books This Week

Happy Tuesday! On this New Books Tuesday we’re highlighting three books that are now available everywhere books are sold. If you want updates every month on new titles, you can sign up for our monthly eNews here.

Book cover for Lawyer, Jailer, Ally, Foe by Eric L. Muller

Layer, Jailer, Ally, Foe: Complicity and Conscience in America’s World War II Concentration Camps by Eric L. Muller

“Vivid. . . . For readers interested in human rights, concentration camps, or the legal history of this period, this is an important work.”—Library Journal

“A fascinating and detailed account of one of America’s darkest chapters. Through the eyes and work of three dedicated lawyers we see the struggles of Japanese American citizens stripped of their dignity and rights and locked away simply because of their race.”—John Grisham

Book cover for Making the Green Revolution by Timothy W. Lorek

Making the Green Revolution: Agriculture and Conflict in Colombia by Timothy W. Lorek

“An innovative study filled with graceful and accessible writing. Timothy Lorek offers new perspectives on the Green Revolution, emphasizing the place of Colombia and CIAT within it. This will be a valuable addition to the literature.”—Stuart McCook, University of Guelph

Book cover for Higher Education for All by Andrew Stone Higgins

Higher Education for All: Racial Inequality, Cold War Liberalism, and the California Master Plan by Andrew Stone Higgins

“This insightful, persuasive book reveals how a sprawling, multiracial network of student activists shaped the influential California Master Plan for Higher Education by challenging the elitism and racism inherent in Clark Kerr’s celebrated schema.”—Nelson Lichtenstein, University of California, Santa Barbara

“This is an incisive account of the contradictions of the modern public university and the ways that generations of students of color have challenged their exclusion. Required reading to understand the complex politics of race and higher education.”—Daniel Martinez HoSang, Yale University