Longleaf Services Announces Five New Client Presses

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June 20, 2023 (Chapel Hill, NC): Longleaf Services is pleased to welcome five new distributed client presses to the group: Chemeketa Press, Clemson University Press, University Press of Kansas, TCU Press, and InterVarsity Press (IVP). This brings the total number of Longleaf fulfillment clients to 23.

Chemeketa Press, a nonprofit textbook publisher, based in Salem, Oregon, partnered with Longleaf in the summer of last year to help expand their reach and relieve the press staff of their distribution responsibilities. Abbey Gaterud, the Director of the press said: “As we approach our one-year anniversary, I can honestly say that our relationship with Longleaf has transformed our business in big and small ways. Taking advantage of Longleaf’s scale and business relationships has increased revenues and made our work more efficient and profitable. In addition, the Longleaf team is a kind, thoughtful, and compassionate group of humans that make the work easier and more enjoyable. The community of publishers, all mission-driven in their own way, has turned into an invaluable resource for sticky industry questions and best-practice advice. I am so glad we signed on with Longleaf and look forward to many years of partnership.”

Clemson University Press began utilizing Longleaf’s services in April of this year. Alison Mero, the press’s Director said of their decision: “I’m so pleased that we’ve partnered with Longleaf Services. Clemson University Press is going to benefit immensely from their distribution, fulfilment, and sales support. Longleaf will give us a much greater reach with our books and will let us grow our publishing program.”  

In May, Longleaf began its distribution relationship with The University Press of Kansas. Kelly Chrisman Jacques, the Press’s Managing Director, had this to say: “The University Press of Kansas is pleased to partner with Longleaf Services and is confident that this collaboration will enhance the efficiency of our operations through economies of scale and lower operating costs. This move will increase our competitiveness in the university press marketplace and will bring the high-quality scholarly publishing reputation of the University Press of Kansas to a much broader audience.”

Dan Williams, the Director of TCU Press, had this to say about the partnership with Longleaf, which began on June 1st: “My colleagues and I at TCU Press are grateful for the opportunity to join Longleaf and look forward to years of beneficial cooperation and collaboration.  With its exceptionally helpful staff and excellent array of services, and with its commitment to help university presses succeed, Longleaf extends partnership far and above its business arrangements.”

Longleaf will welcome InterVarsity Press (IVP) to the group in September. IVP is a large publisher of scholarly and trade books in the field of religion and has been successfully growing its business for the last 75 years. Ben McCoy, IVP Vice President of Operations & Chief of Staff said: “In the end, publishing boils down to partnerships. Who partners with whom at what time, and for what shared aim, those are the decisions that shape our industry. So it was with great care that IVP evaluated potential distribution partners, and with equally great excitement that I celebrate IVP’s new relationship with Longleaf. We’re optimistic about the future of this strategic partnership.”

Clay Farr, CEO of Longleaf Services added: “It’s wonderful to see such a diverse group of publishers taking advantage of the services we offer. This kind of growth makes Longleaf stronger and better positions us to continue to support the services all our presses rely on, while keeping costs as low as possible.”

About Longleaf Services

Longleaf Services, Inc. provides fulfillment and publishing services for university presses. Operating with a collaborative philosophy, it enables client publishers to enhance their competitiveness, improve operating efficiencies, and create economies of scale, resulting in better service to their customers and lowering overall operating costs for both publisher and book buyer. A 501(c)3 organization, Longleaf Services commenced operations in 2006 and currently provides fulfillment services for 23 university presses and provides various publishing services for the wider scholarly publishing world.

Learn more about Longleaf Services at www.longleafservices.org

For more information, contact Peter Perez, Director of Communications, UNC Press: peter.perez@uncpress.org