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book cover for A Guide to North Carolina's Freshwater Fishes

A Guide to North Carolina’s Freshwater Fishes by Bryn Tracy, Fred C. Rohde, Scott Smith, Jesse Bissette, and Gabriela M. Hogue

A Southern Gateways Guide

A Comprehensive guide to the more than 250 species of freshwater fishes that live in North Carolina waters.


  • Detailed identification keys based on essential species markers
  • 546 full-color images for clear identification of species markers
  • 260 maps showing species distribution throughout the state
  • Information on the freshwater fish families and ichthyological history of North Carolina
  • An appendix that explains the meanings behind the scientific names
Book cover for Ascension by Lois Benjamin

Ascension: The Sociology of an African American Family’s Generational Journey by Lois Benjamin

“A captivating, nearly century-long story . . . that will serve as a methodological and theoretical anchor for other scholars. Benjamin positions the James family as a case study for understanding social reproduction of values. A significant contribution to the field.”—Candice Robinson, University of North Carolina Wilmington

“To disrupt long-held beliefs about pathology in Black families, Benjamin uses scholarly literature to tell a beautiful story about the faith, values, and work ethic of one Black family in North Carolina. At times this book reads almost like a memoir, a testimony of love and respect.”—Earl Smith, University of Delaware