New This Week

Happy New Books Tuesday! This week we have a new Southern Gateways Guide and a book on the United Teachers of New Orleans, now available wherever books are sold. Check out our two new releases below.

Book cover for Discovering North Carolina's Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Discovering North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail: A Companion for Hikers and Armchair Explorers by Jerry Barker

  • Includes abundant illustrations with over fifty color photographs and maps for each of the MST’s nineteen segments
  • Narrates significant histories related to each MST segment
  • Places prominent natural features of the trail in context
  • Introduces hikers to nearby attractions, cultural heritage sites, and trail towns
Book cover for Building Power, Breaking Power by Jesse Chanin

Building Power, Breaking Power: The United Teachers of New Orleans, 1965-2008 by Jesse Chanin

“Meticulously researched, this book places Black teachers and their fight for equality at the forefront of a political narrative that has long marginalized them. Moreover, it offers crucial insights into the ongoing debates surrounding public education, teachers’ unions, civil rights, and neoliberal reform, making it an essential read for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of these interconnected issues.”—William P. Jones, University of Minnesota

“A riveting history and insightful analysis, this work exposes the racism and conservative school reform tactics that were used to dismantle a formidable economic, political, and socially impactful Black-led teachers’ union following a natural disaster. This work is poised to make a compelling and substantive argument to critical education reform debates.”—Rebecca Kolins Givan, Rutgers University