Blair L. M. Kelley: A Dred Scott Moment?

America might be having a new Dred Scott moment as the black sitting president is forced to prove the place of his birth. Continue Reading Blair L. M. Kelley: A Dred Scott Moment?

To Forge a Better NAACP

What happened to the NAACP? It’s odd to think that the venerable and historic National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has been reduced to a talking point in the national media cycle this week. They received national attention in June when the Los Angeles chapter lodged a protest against a Hallmark card with… Continue Reading To Forge a Better NAACP

Slavery and the NBA?

I have been frustrated by this week’s back-and-forth between the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and civil rights veteran Jesse Jackson. Don’t get me wrong; Dan Gilbert’s letter smacked of grating paternalism; he spoke of James like a petulant child, rather than a man who had more than fulfilled his seven-year contract. His tone was… Continue Reading Slavery and the NBA?

Rand Paul and Segregation