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Marianne Gingher: ABA Winter Institute 2015

Friendliness was the vibe of my entire experience at ABA’s Winter Institute. I’d expected to meet several North Carolina-based booksellers, but I wasn’t prepared for the tremendous interest booksellers from California, Montana, Colorado, North Dakota, Michigan, Massachusetts, Texas, and Ohio expressed. The thing was, they’d come to North Carolina, seen it with their own eyes, spent time here, liked what they saw, and clearly wanted to share a sense of that experience with their patrons. “Read these folks!” I told them. “You will get all sorts of perspectives on the state, from politics to lyrical meditations on its beauty.” Continue Reading Marianne Gingher: ABA Winter Institute 2015

Banned Books Week Gallery

National Banned Books Week ended on Saturday, but we’re not done! A few readers took me up on the invitation to send in photos of “getting caught reading a banned book.” I also stumbled upon a few other photos of folks around the country gettin’ down with Banned Books Week. The anonymous, the canine (more from Gus!), and the in-your-face,… Continue Reading Banned Books Week Gallery