See Gus Read!


See Gus Read.

Gus is reading a book.

Read, Gus! Read!

What book is Gus reading?

Oh, oh! Gus is reading a banned book!

Bad, Gus! Bad!

Gus should not read banned books!

Banned books are bad.

Bad, banned books. Bad!

Banned books might make you think in ways book banners think you should not think!

That sort of thinking is bad.

Bad, bad thinking. Bad!

(with thanks to Rachel Surles, UNC Press Assistant to the Director, Advancement Coordinator, and occasional blog contributor for risking her best four-legged friend, Gus, to exposure to a famously banned book)

— Tom


  1. Where is this a banned book? What sort of country would do that? Its not like the people who they are afreaid of being subverted are going to read it. Its not the most accesible book…….

  2. Actually, Peter, Ulysses was banned in the US from 1918 to 1935. That’s the entire country, not just an individual state, county or library.

    According to The Banned Book Information Center ( the US Postal Service was seizing the book up until 1933 due to it having been deemed “obscene.” That’s pretty serious censorship.

    — Tom

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