Moving Forward by Looking Back: Enduring Editions

What better way of starting the New Year than by taking a giant step forward?

And what better way of taking a giant step forward than by looking backwards?

It is in this light that the UNC Press is proud to announce a new series that looks back at the rich history of books published by the UNC Press over it’s 85 year history, UNC Press Enduring Editions.

For the past several years we have been working to perfect the process by which old, currently out-of-print works published by the UNC Press can be brought back into print. The goal has been to present the books in paperback editions as close to the original printing as possible. As well, the quality of these publications needed to meet our high standards. (It was this last point that has been the cause of much consternation on behalf of the staff here at the Press)

In looking through our list of titles we realized that the research and the insights from those authors, while now dated, were of considerable potential benefit to a new generation of scholars and students, as well as general readers. We hope that the historical and cultural value of this works will take it’s place along with our current list of in-print titles.

Look for more information in the coming months as these books come back into print. A full list of titles is available for you to download.