One last holiday wish

Concourse One (of three)
Concourse One (of three)

Last Friday, UNC Press held its annual holiday luncheon – with a budget-conscious twist: POTLUCK! Each department was asked to contribute a main course, and the rest was willy-nilly. (Except, is it still a potluck if you have a sign-up sheet? How about if you plead, “Please! No more desserts!”)

We were overflowing with sweets, but not at the expense of the savory. Ham, turkey, vegetarian chili, pork, shrimp–plus breads, salads, veggies, nuts, pickles, relishes, and more. (What else is there? Trust me, there was still more than that!)

We were also serenaded by the production department. Each year, our book designers delight us with a UNC-Press-specific holiday carol. This year, one all presses (and indeed all retailers) can relate to: “We’re Dreaming of a Green Christmas.”

We’re Dreaming of a Green Christmas

We’re dreaming of a GREEN Christmas
Just like the ones we used to know.
All the store shelves lined
With our books sublime
And shoppers out there spending dough.

the singing designers
the designers' chorus: Courtney, Heidi, Rebecca, Michelle, Jackie

We’re dreaming of a BLACK Christmas
With all our books boosting our “books.”
A season full of
Hope, cheer, peace, and love
And students needing new textbooks.

We’re dreaming of a GREAT Christmas
One that is prosperous and bright.
May your days be full of delight
And may all go buy some books tonight!


And with that, we wish you a happy Hanukkah today, a merry Christmas on Thursday, and a happy new year next week. If you’re giving and/or receiving gifts, may they all be books!

We’ll be back blogging strong in the new year. Hope to see you then.

p.s. One more piece of potluck eye candy for you, courtesy of Tema, she of the key lime coconut pie post. This time around, she presented us with a beehive-shaped lemon semolina cake with edible flowers. Click the clicky to see the gorgeous pic!

semolina beehive cake with edible flowers