The Long Civil Rights Movement conference videos now online

Last summer Rachel blogged about a new Mellon-funded project aimed at sharing scholarship on the civil rights movement. Last month, Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement (LCRM) sponsored a wildly successful conference here at UNC to discuss the project and possibilities for scholarly collaboration. LCRM director Sylvia Miller described the conference this way:

All of the sessions made substantial efforts to propose changes to the ways in which the story of the civil rights movement is traditionally understood and taught, and the question-and-answer sessions were lengthy and lively. Several attendees said it was the best conference they had ever attended, and they hoped to carry on the discussions sparked by the sessions.

Videos of several conference panels are now available online at the LCRM’s website and comments and discussion are encouraged. Five of eight panels are already up; the rest will come soon. Visit LCRM’s Common Room to check them out.