Happy Table Happy Hour: Bloody Mary

The Happy Table Happy Hour: recipes from The Happy Table of Eugene WalterIn anticipation of Halloween, we’d like to conclude our Happy Table Happy Hour series with Eugene Walter’s recipe for a Bloody Mary. This classic recipe is included in the Hangover Cure section of The Happy Table of Eugene Walter. So, a Bloody Mary might not just be a fun play on words for Halloween, but also can serve a very practical purpose on the morning of November 1st. (Plus, since we’ve had you making Café Brulot, Merry Mabel Punch, and Bluegrass Juleps, a hangover remedy may be in order.)

Eugene advises:

No matter what remedy you choose, remember to recline in cushions, contrive total silence, and eat something simple as soon as your head stops throbbing. Cornbread, grits, oatmeal, boiled barley, baked potatoes all help. Lots of water!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our adventures with Eugene’s recipes. Be sure to pick up your own copy of The Happy Table of Eugene Walter!


Bloody Mary

2 parts tomato juice
1 part vodka
1 lemon
1 teaspoon Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce
Freshly ground black pepper

Combine tomato juice with vodka. Add juice of half a lemon, Lea and Perrins sauce, and freshly ground black pepper. Pour over crushed ice in a cocktail and shake briefly, making as little racket as possible. Pour through strainer into iced glasses.


Recipe from The Happy Table of Eugene Walter: Southern Spirits in Food and Drink, edited by Donald Goodman and Thomas Head. Copyright © 2011 by Donald Walter Goodman.