Video: Sallie Ann Robinson on being Pat Conroy’s student on Daufuskie Island

In this video, Sallie Ann Robinson is interviewed about her experience as Pat Conroy’s student on Daufuskie Island and how her life has been changed since then. She says, “I got up every morning just wanting to go to school because this man was here with all this fun stuff to offer.” Conroy’s experience teaching on Daufuskie was the basis for his book The Water Is Wide.

Sallie Ann Robinson is author of two books. She was born and reared on Daufuskie Island, one of the South Carolina Sea Islands well known for their West African-influenced Gullah culture. In Gullah Home Cooking the Daufuskie Way, Sallie Ann Robinson captures the flavors of the island she calls home. The book includes 100 recipes for salads, seafood, game, rice dishes, quick meals, breads, and sweets.

With Cooking the Gullah Way, Morning, Noon, and Night, Robinson highlights some of her favorite memories and delicious recipes from life on Daufuskie, where the islanders traditionally ate what they grew in the soil, caught in the river, and hunted in the woods. This cookbook includes 75 recipes and 25 folk remedies.