University Press Week Blog Tour: Forward-Thinking

Happy tenth anniversary to University Press Week! This year’s Association of University Presses annual celebration, running from November 8-12, “welcomes all to ‘Keep UP’ with a decade of excellence and innovation.” 

For UP Week’s annual blog tour, today’s specific theme, Forward-thinking, UNC Press along with our fellow UP bloggers for this final day describe what will make our presses something to #KeepUP with in the next 10 years. 
We encourage you to read the following UNC Press Blog post, as well as to visit these fellow UP press blogs today to read all about it: University of Cicinnati PressNorthwestern University PressUniversity of Nebraska PressYale University PressWilfrid Laurier University PressUniversity of Notre Dame Press

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of University Press Week, we’ve decided to cover the theme of Forward-thinking. Here at UNC Press, we have many reasons why our press would be something to #KeepUP with in the next 10 years, but today we’ll touch on a couple major ones. We’ve even got an interview series with some of our favorite indie bookstores in the works, but we’ll properly introduce that content series when the time is right. Read on below as we discuss two of our new series and the celebration of our own 100th anniversary!

Boundless South

The Boundless South seeks to harness a new energy surrounding the discipline of history and calls on historians to provide narrative-based books that meld scholarship with writing for the broader public. As historians of the American South who understand the importance of reaching a broader public, we seek to bring together like-minded historians and writers to examine the region in ways that stretch beyond the current historiographical, geographical, and chronological boundaries, while also challenging ideas about what the South is and where southern culture can be found. BoSo, as a series, intends to gather books of history that also tell stories of people, places, and culture.


Karen L. Cox, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Françoise N. Hamlin, Brown University


Brandon Proia, Senior Editor

Learn more about our Boundless South book series

Latinx Histories

As a leading publisher of American and Latin American history, UNC Press is delighted to announce the launch of Latinx Histories, a book series premised on the view that understanding Latinx history is essential to a more complete and complex understanding of the history of the United States, the Americas, and the world. The series editors and advisory board welcome book proposals that examine and offer a historical framework for the experiences of Latinx people ranging from earliest indigenous settlement in what is now known as the United States through the present-day transnational U.S. and beyond, resulting in a collection of innovative historical works that push the boundaries of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, migration, and nationalism within and around Latinx communities.


Lori Flores, Stony Brook University
Michael Innis-Jiménez, University of Alabama


Llana Barber, SUNY Old Westbury
Adrian Burgos, University of Illinois
Geraldo Cadava, Northwestern University
Julio Capó, Jr., Florida International University
Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, University of California, Santa Barbara
María Cristina García, Cornell University
Ramón Gutierréz, University of Chicago
Paul Oritz, University of Florida


Lori Flores, Series Co-Editor
Michael Innis-Jiménez, Series Co-Editor
Debbie Gershenowitz, Executive Editor, UNC Press

Learn more about our Latinx Histories book series

Celebrating 100 Years of Publishing!

Next year marks a century of publishing distinguished scholarship and superb general interest books for UNC Press! The cover for our Spring/Summer 2022 catalog, shown above, commemorates that hundred year journey. We’ve got some great content in store to honor the legacy of UNC Press and this amazing feat. Stay updated via our blog, social media and website for further information on how we’ll be celebrating our centennial!