$100 for the 100th: For Your Year End Giving Consideration

There’s no trick to it: if you’ve been following us throughout 2022, you know the University of North Carolina Press has been celebrating our centennial year with events, appreciation in the media, at conferences we’ve returned to in person, with the unveiling of a new logo and many fun giveaways, and extensively on social media

Fun fact that often comes as a surprise to many people that you may not be aware of: UNC Press, the first university press in the South and one of the first in the nation, was established in 1922 as, and remains, a not-for-profit organization. The money we earn and raise subsidizes who we are and all we do to publish and distribute the finest scholarship throughout the world, be it in electronic or printed form. 

Given the significance of our having reached our centennial anniversary, we invite you to include the Press in your end-of-year giving with a gift of $100 for the UNC Press 100th—or, any amount meaningful to you! 

Some financial facts about us: 

  • Scholarly publishing is often deficit publishing—the UNC Press publishes important and enduring books even though they often do not sell in sufficient quantities to cover the costs of publication.  
  • For FY23, book sales, journal subscriptions, and related income contribute a gross of $6.22 million, or 75%, toward covering the Press’s annual operating expenses of $8.27 million. Public support covers approximately 6% of expenses, while private funds contribute the remaining 19%.  
  • Public support from the NC Legislature has remained at the same level since 1994.
  • Longleaf Services, an affiliate of UNC Press, was formed in 2006 to provide cost-effective fulfillment services for not-for-profit publishers. Currently there are nineteen (19) client publishers.  

Ultimately, books make great gifts, and we have literally thousands of titles of interest for everyone on your list from family and friends, to colleagues and clients. If a charitable contribution isn’t possible, 80% of our budget comes from book sales, so buying a UNC Press book is a wonderful way to support us. And of course, don’t forget to purchase a title or two for yourself as well!